Printing Process


The pre-press department is where the production journey begins. It is crucial that we invest in the latest software and equipment to enable this department to respond quickly to clients’ needs and produce quality files and plates for our print room. Our clients have a choice whether they want to see hard copy, high quality imposed printers proofs, PDF proofs, or even full product mock-ups.

Recent Investment

We have replaced out computer-to-plate system and software with the latest available technology from Heidelberg. Not only have we noticed an improvement in the imaging quality, but, also in the productivity of our pre-press department. On top of that, the new system has proven to be a success in the press room, by providing high registration accuracy and therefore reducing make-ready times.

Press room

The press room is the heart of the company; this is where the quality of the printed literature really starts to take shape. Our two main presses are Heidelbergs; both equipped with the latest software and linked to our pre-press department. This ensures the accuracy of image is replicated quickly and seamlessly from the very first sheet. Both machines run at 15,000 sheets per hour, ensuring that we have enough fire-power to handle the larger print runs.


After we have gone through these stages, we don't end there. Haslam Printers are unique in having our very own in-house print finishing department. Our staff there can ensure your high quality print is completed with a professional finish. We have more information on our finishing options here.